We learn and improve from the projects we have accomplished

Tianrui - Brokers Online

"Brokers Online" is a integrated Multi-level Marketing (MLM) management system developed by imady for Nanchang Tianrui Enterprises. It was comprised of admin desktop client and the WeChat mobile application, satisfied the need of integrated management included project management, resources management, workflow management, and social network promotion management. The project was multi-layer constructed and distributed deployed, base on high percentage of self-developed code. The system is featured with capacity scalability, and is easy to maintain and expand due to the clear structure. It has accumulatively matched business over RMB 700 million since it went live;


3D Virtual Tour for ancient town in Suzhou

With 3D VR technologies add up with 720 degree Panorama technologies developed by imady, the ancient town with over 1,200 years history has a link with travelers all around world now.

Thanks to the motion control technology for mobile devices enabled Gyroscope, you are able to teleport yourself in the town, remotely. This infrastructural technology is also a foundation of VR which was getting extremely hot later on.


Town of Heavy Eaters (ToHE)

Town of Heavy Eater (ToHE) is a casual game that with mixed gameplay model of Social Construction and Tower Defense. In ToHE, you are able to build a customized virtual town with different styles of functional buildings. Beyond adoring the city you make, those buildings are really helpful to deal with the inflow big stomach eaters!


Ququton - Neighborhood Social Networking

Ququton is an application target to provide intelligent life and networking services for the thousands of communities all over China. The system was designed and powered by imady technological services in early stage, with high concurrency and high scalability cloud structure.

Ququton 区区通邻里社交